Sports Funding

As you may be aware, the government provides additional funding for schools to enable their children to increase participation in a range of sporting opportunities. For 2014-15 we received £8260 and for 2015-16 we received £8255. In 2016-17 our allocation is £8260.

We are proud of the PE and sporting provision within school, and this specific funding allows us to-

  • Employ  dedicated sports coaches to provide a wide range of expertise and access to additional opportunities.
  • Subscribe to the Eden Valley Sports Partnership provision to ensure we have access to all competitions and coaching available to schools in the area.
  • Run a number of extra-curricular sporting activities. These include tag-rugby, tennis, football, netball, dance, cricket and hockey.
  • Purchase high quality, age-appropriate resources to ensure children have access to everything they need to develop high level skills.
  • Pay for transport to events that may be outside of our local area.

The provision of a dedicated sports coach and membership of the Eden Valley Sports Partnership has enabled our pupils to take part in the following events

KS1 Pupils – 4 competitions : Basic Moves – Gymnastics, Multi Skills, X Country Running & Appleby Sports for 4 pupils.
KS2: Years 3/4s – 5 competitions : Swimming, X Country, Hockey, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby & Appleby Sports and some selected for Local school Football and Netball Comps.
KS 2 years 5/6 – 13 competitions: Football, Netball, Swimming, Tag Rugby, X Country, Gymnastics, Kwik Cricket, Sports Hall Athletics; & 4 after school football and Netball tournaments & Appleby Sports.
After school Sports Clubs: 5 weeks Dance

Autumn Term 2016:
EVSP year 5/6 Football & Netball
9 footballers; 8 netballers [All years 5/6 involved + some year 4’s]
EVSP KS1 Basic Moves – All KS1 took part
EVSP – Sports Hall Athletics years 5/6 – All years 5/6 took part and some year 4’s (18 pupils)

Spring Term 2017:
EVSP Swim Gala KS2: 19 pupils took part {7 years 5/6s that could swim 50m and 12 x years 3/4s]
Hunter Hall X country years 3/4 and 5/6
Time trial selected: 6 x years 5/6 (those that were keen!) + fastest 7 boys and fastest 3 girls in years 3/4 Total squad 16.
EVSP Hockey All years 3/4. 3 teams (total 15 – 2 off ill) 1 team qualified for the final and came 4th in Eden.
 EVSP Key steps Gymnastics
4 x years Rec/1/2 teams of 5 (20 pupils ) + 2 teams of years 3/4 s (8 pupils) + 1 team of years 5/6 pupils (4 pupils).
 Newcastle Falcons Rugby festival run by Keith Robinson – 10 years 3/4 pupils took part.
Fun Tag Rugby after school tournament at Long Marton – 9 years 4/5/6 pupils took part.
Summer Term 2017:
 Hunter Hall X country – 3 from Reception , all years 1/2
EVSP Kwik cricket- All years 5/6 pupils
Temple Sowerby Cricket -13 pupils from years 4/5/6
Long Marton Football and Netball -Netball, 5 pupils; Football 13 pupils from years 3/4/5/6
Kirkby Thore Football and Netball Tournament- 14 pupils from years 4/5/6
King’s Meaburn Cup: Football only – 10 from years 4/5/6
EVSP KS1 Multi Skills -All years R/1/2, 26pupils
Appleby Sports July 2017 -All years 4/5/6 plus 4 pupils from year 2 and 3

The provision of these additional experiences within school has enabled pupils through the school to be introduced to new sports, has increased pupils participation in sports in school, has also increased attendance at level 2 events, enabled more pupils to attend extra curricular clubs and directly resulted in an increase in the children`s involvement with local sports clubs outside of school time.

We continue to work with the children and outside agencies to ensure that the funding allows all pupils to benefit from involvement in a wider range of opportunities.