Emergency School Closure

Emergency Closure information for parents

Bolton Primary School may be closed for children at short notice due to a number of circumstances, for example:
Problems with heating or electricity
Problems due to water leaks
Problems due to inclement weather e.g. snow or flooding.

Closure decision before the start of the school day

A decision to close the school for weather reasons will generally be made by 8.15am, and we will notify you by text message. Please wait to be texted by school to avoid a jammed phone line, as we need to be in contact with other agencies for updates and further information. School closure information will also be shared via BBC Radio Cumbria and the News and Star website, so please check these regularly if there may be a chance school closure is possible.

Cancellation of school transport

There are occasions when sufficient staff are able to get to school but the bus is not running.  As soon as information is received from the bus company, this will be passed on to parents via a school representative.  On these occasions, parents must make their own decision as to whether it is safe to bring their child to school.  If you bring them you must also collect them at the end of the day.

Closure during the school day

For safety reasons we are unable to send children home during the school day until we have made sure that someone is available to meet them. In practice this means having to telephone every emergency contact and as this will take some time, we will only close if the situation is severe. The safety of pupils and staff is paramount and the need to get everybody home before local roads become impassable will result in early closure. Parents who are concerned about local conditions are welcome to collect their children from school.  Please note that booked dinners will have to be paid for.

If we do have to close we will do so by contacting the parents of those who live furthest away first, or if the closure is the result of heavy rain and flooding, those whose journey may involve crossing one of the local rivers. If we cannot contact you, the children will remain in school until they are collected.  It is important that parents do not keep telephoning the office as this delays us in making arrangements to send the children home.



Please note that without staff to ensure adequate supervision and teaching, the school must close. A member of staff will remain in school until all pupils have been collected.