Emergency School Closure

Unforeseen and exceptional circumstances may require the closure of Bolton Primary School at short notice during the school day. This could be due to problems with the heating or electricity, water leaks or severe weather conditions, such as snow or flooding.


A decision to close the school will generally be made by 8.15am and you will receive a text message advising you of this. In the event of any exceptional and unforeseen circumstance, please avoid phoning school between 8.15 and 9.00am. This will keep the phone lines free to allow staff to provide vital information to all those affected. Please wait for your text message from school or for a school representative to contact you and/or check CFM radio the school website and the County Council Website for update.


We will only close during the school day if an unforeseen and severe event occurs, or the information available to us suggests that a situation will become worse as the day progresses. The safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff is paramount and this will underpin any decisions made to close early. We are unable to send children home during the school day until we have made sure that someone is available to meet them. Parents who are concerned about local conditions are welcome to collect their children from school. If we are unable to contact a parent/carer, the children will remain in school until they are collected. If the weather conditions are extreme, please keep tuned into CFM Radio for potential updates.


There are occasions when sufficient staff are able to get to school but the Cliburn bus is not running. As soon as information is received from the bus company, this will be passed onto parent s/carers via a school representative.

On these occasions, parents must make their own decision as to whether it is safe to bring their child to school. If children who normally come to school by bus are brought to school by parents/carers, they must also be collected by parents/carers at the end of the day.