Helping your child at home

Lending Library

We have a “Lending Library” at school that enables children to borrow number and literacy based games, to share with their families at home. We have a large selection of games suitable for all ages. Please encourage your child(ren) to use this facility and have some fun together at home.

Feel free to come in and have a look to see what is available at anytime.



Mathletics is an award winning learning resource that has been purchased, using funds raised by Bolton Friends Association, for use by all our children. Each child has been given their own Username and Password and can access their Mathletics activities on a tablet or computer at home. Activities are set at an appropriate level for each child by staff in school. Teachers are able to monitor each child’s progress and set specific tasks related to work recently completed in school.

Mathletics is fun and rewards results.

If you would like more information, log-in details or have any comments about Mathletics please have at chat with your child’s class teacher.


There are many opportunities for making maths fun at home.

The following links may give you some extra ideas:

Maths games online:


Reading with your child is vital and can be fun for both of you. Research shows that it’s the single most important thing you can do to help your child’s education.

You may find the following links helpful:

Statutory End of Key Stage Tests – Year 2 (KS1) & Year 6 (KS2) Pupils |
The link below takes you to the Government website providing sample papers for 2016.

Sample papers for Year 2 and Year 6 national tests

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you would like to discuss any aspect of assessment in school, including the statutory national tests.