Meals and Milk

School Meals

School meals are prepared in Appleby Primary School and transported in heat-proof containers.  The majority of the children take a cooked meal.  We use this time to encourage good table manners.  The children are supervised by the  mid-day supervisors.

Meals are ordered and paid for online at They can be ordered by you and your child up to 3 weeks in advance. The cost for a week’s school dinners is £12 (£2.40 a day). You will require a username and password to access lunchshop, this can be obtained from the school office.

School meals are run on a 3 week menu cycle.  Please click here to view the Menus.

Free School Meals

These are available for children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support.  Please ask the Headteacher for an application form if you feel you qualify.  All decisions and applications are completely confidential.

Packed Lunches

You may provide a packed lunch for your child if you wish.  We ask, however, that the contents are easily managed by your child, safe (no tins or glass containers!) and nutritionally balanced.  We suggest some of the following items:

  • Sandwich / Roll
  • Piece of fruit
  • Yoghurt
  • Biscuit / traybake
  • Fruit drink / Water

Children should not bring:  Fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate.

Milk and Fruit

School milk is given out at morning break and the majority of the children do have milk.  The cost is 21p per carton (at present) and this is paid half-termly in advance.  Unfortunately, credit cannot be given for absences, as the milk cartons are ordered in advance.

Children in the Infant class receive a piece of fruit each day, which is funded by the Government.