We expect the children to be cleanly and smartly dressed in sensible clothes and shoes.  Children are discouraged from wearing denim jeans.  We have a school sweatshirt or cardigan and polo shirt with our school logo on them, which children are encouraged to wear. They should have at least one of these as we require children to wear them when out on school visits or when representing the school, to make them easily identifiable.  We also have a reversible, waterproof jacket. You will find further details and a sample in school.  The children should wear shoes that they can put on and take off themselves and these should not be the footwear they will be using for PE.  Mules, flip-flops, and high heels are not appropriate for school wear. 

In addition each child needs the following:

  • A PE bag with shorts and tee shirt, plimsolls or trainers, for all children.
  • A sweatshirt and trousers or tracksuit for outdoor PE in winter.
  • For football, boots (which must have rounded studs, not “blades”) are desirable but strong trainers with a good grip will suffice.  Shin pads are also required for those taking part in competitive matches with other schools.

Please ensure that all items of school clothing and PE bag are clearly marked with your child’s name.  Children are discouraged from wearing jewellery of any sort, except a watch, and we prefer children not to have their ears pierced for obvious safety reasons.  However, if this has been done, children are not permitted to do PE unless the stud is removed or covered with tape/plaster.