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Spring Term 2022 - Year 3/4 - British Art and Artists



Research a British Artist, create your own piece of artwork in the style of your chosen artist. 


Spring Term 2022 - Year 5/6 - Botanical Studies



Complete observation drawings of plants or flowers in your garden.


Autumn Term 2021 - Year 3/4 - Fruit and Vegetables



Try using a pencil to complete a fruit or vegetable drawing at home. What difference does this make in terms of the overall style of the drawing? 

Draw your own vegetable portrait in the style of Arcimboldo's 'The Gardener'.

Draw an advertising poster to attract visitors to Carl Warner's exhibition of 'Foodscapes'. 

Design a picture about your life at school, using only objects found in the classroom e.g. pencils, rulers.

Freeze frame 'Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence' (1609) by Caravaggio. 

Create a storyboard telling the life of Caravaggio. 


Autumn Term 2021 - Year 5/6 - South and Central American Art



Design a brightly coloured coat for Frida to wear.

Write a story using no words, just symbols.

Create a noughts and crosses style game, using symbols found in some of Joaquin Torres Garcia's paintings. 

Find key information about Mexico e.g. flag, capital city, head of the country, famous exports, food, clothes, famous people. 

Find out more about the use of dream catchers in Native American culture. 

Design face painting and a costume to match their candombe drums, ready for a festival. 

Art at Home - Christmas Art Competition 2020