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Spring Term 2022 - Year 3/4 - Animals



Explore and create an information sheet with French vocabulary for a range of animals. 

Spring Term 2022 - Year 5/6 - Healthy Eating



Explore and create an information sheet with French vocabulary for a range of foods. 


Autumn Term 2021 - Year 3/4 - Activities


To further enhance their French Learning the Y3/4 children could try some of these things:

  • Learn the months of the year in French - why not make up a song or look for something online that French children learn to remember their months in order. (remember to always get supervision/ permission when using the internet). 
  • Find out about important celebrations in France and how the French celebrate them. Make an information leaflet or PowerPoint for other students who don't know anything about them. 
  • Teach your family three new French words every Monday after the French lesson and make a French word board at home. Maybe draw a picture to help you (and your family) remember it. 

Autumn Term 2021 - Year 5/6 - Activities


To broaden and deepen their French studies the KS2 children can explore some of these tasks:

  • Make a French illustrated dictionary for all words associated with school including equipment and subjects e.g. stylo (pen), professeure (teacher/ female), livre (book).
  • Draw a real/ imaginary French town or city map and label it is French e.g. le poste de police (police station), bibliotheque (library), sports centre, musee (museum).
  • Do some role play with your family and teach them how to introduce themselves in French and say a few things about who they are e.g. age/ favourite colour/ where they live.