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GAPS at Bolton

Subject Lead: Ruth Elstone (KS2) and Debbie Tinkler (KS1) 

Monitoring Governor: Lisa Wilson



Children need to have a good grasp of the technical aspects to writing to help them to be successful in the future; they need to have ‘tools’ to understand and analyse both written and spoken English. At Bolton, we aim to develop a repertoire of key vocabulary relating to grammar, punctuation and spelling. Punctuation for example can greatly change the meaning of a sentence. Children need to know ‘Standard English’ and know when it is appropriate to use either formal or informal language. Where possible the teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar are all embedded in the general teaching of Literacy/English. However, each class has a discreet weekly lesson to focus on particular areas of Punctuation and Grammar and as with reading time is set aside for spelling activities. The children will for example take part in lessons such as ‘Kung-Fu Punctuation’ to help them with their understanding.