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History Spring Term 21

Year 5/6 Vikings

Y5/6 - Create a Guide to Viking Gods.  This can be in the format of a poster, booklet or powerpoint.

Year 3/4 Anglo-Saxons Spring Term 21

Y3/4 - Read or listen to the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf and draw a picture of what you think the Grendel looks like.



History – key stage 2 Aut 20


Y5/6 students are finding out about life in Ancient Greece so why not find out about homes, food, fashion, leisure and employment? What was it like to be a ten-year-old living in Ancient Greece? 


Research and record the modern-day country of Greece. 


Y3/4 Crime and Punishment Autumn 20

Y3/4 students will be finding out about Crime and Punishment through the ages so why not find out about when the first police officers were introduced; find out what they did to help with preventing crime and what they looked like.


Write a letter to Queen Victoria to end public executions and give good reasons for your argument.