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Since 2017, to raise standards and improve the engagement in mathematics, Bolton Primary School has been using the very popular and enjoyable -The Big Maths Scheme (Andrell Education)

This year KS2 (2019) our average scaled score was 104 – in line with the national average scaled score and was up from 99 in 2018. We believe that our children are making pleasing progress in this subject area. 21% of our children reached greater depth in mathematics in 2019. In KS1, 92% of children reached the expected standard.


 Maths will be essential in almost every problem that your child has to solve in their daily lives. We aim to ensure that your child will develop a positive attitude towards Mathematics and to learn to use it with confidence, pleasure and understanding. We feel that a link to real-life situations is crucial in our teaching. Their knowledge, skills and understanding in maths will develop as they use it in practical activities to solve relevant meaningful problems and to explore the patterns and relationships on which mathematical concepts depend. * See below a range of resources to show you how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills in school.
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