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Summer Term 2022 - Friendship Song



This term you will be learning ad performing a friendship song. Have a go at creating a poem for your friend or someone in your family. You could even turn this into a song using homemade instruments!

Spring Term 2022 - Musical Instruments



Create homemade instruments with household items

Creating instruments together can be a fun activity and the instruments can then be used to explore different aspects of music.

Try creating shakers by using pasta and rice in empty bottles.

You could also try using bottles either with filled with varying degrees of water or empty and scraping them with spoons or twigs to make sounds, or just upturned pans and colanders.


Autumn Term 2021 - Singing



Choose your favourite nursery rhyme or song. Learn your song off by heart and create some actions to go with it to perform to your friends at school.


Spring Term 2021 - Appreciating Music 


We all love listening to songs and singing along to our favourite songs in the car. 

Your task is to create your own musical instrument that you could play when singing your favourite song.