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Reading widely and often increases pupils’ vocabulary because they encounter words they would rarely hear or use in everyday speech. Reading also feeds pupils’ imagination and opens up a treasure house of wonder and joy for curious young minds. (The National Curriculum)

Reading at Bolton 

Subject Lead: Ruth Elstone (KS2) and Debbie Tinkler (KS1) 

Monitoring Governor: Lisa Wilson 



The 2019 Y6 SATS results show  79% of our pupils reaching the expected standard or above and 50% at greater depth.

Ofsted January 2020 on Early Reading: ' Children learn letters and sounds quickly. Adults check the progress that children make through the well-planned phonics programme. They make the most of opportunities to link phonics to handwriting. Children read books that are well-matched to the sounds that they know... If children fall behind, they receive good support and catch up quickly. Adults are well-trained. By the end of Y1, nearly all pupils achieve the expected standard.'

We place great emphasis upon reading and provide the children with an interesting range of books and other reading materials. We want them to read fluently and with understanding so that reading becomes a real source of enjoyment and pleasure. The school uses VIPERS to teach the six reading domains: Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarise/ Sequence. In class 1, we have daily phonics teaching groups to encourage them to practice and develop a range of early reading skills. Children may do Guided or Group reading regularly and their own independent reading. We encourage all our pupils to 'Strive for Five' home-reads. Children in all classes regularly hear and enjoy texts being read to them.  We monitor each child’s progress through a good range of available reading material to ensure that they reach their full potential. This means most children are on 'banded' or scheme books so that we can be sure that they are all reading material that is at an appropriate level of challenge.  Each teacher will keep a record of your child’s reading progress and achievement and they will set reading targets with them. We encourage and welcome support from home with fostering reading for pleasure and ask parents and pupils to use the logs provided when reading at home as a way of monitoring their reading. The school aims to regularly provide workshops and support sessions for parents to help with learning at home. Children are encouraged to read and share books with their peers and this includes poetry and non-fiction. We also have a bedtime reading basket for each of our classes to encourage reading for pleasure. Read more about Reading aims 21/22 in our English at Bolton document.