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Relationship, Health and Sex Education


  Relationship and Health Education are compulsory in all primary schools in England (DfE 19).

These changes are to support children's development and their preparation for life.

At Bolton, we focus on positive relationships, respect, and consent.

Some elements of the relationship and sex education will be taught in discreet sessions and age-appropriately by a specialist teacher. Other aspects, however, will be taught as part of regular topic work e.g. Science, PHSE, and through assemblies and philosophy for children. 

Class 3 pupils also spend three mornings doing the Barnardos Real Love Rocks Programme where they will learn about safe relationships using a variety of games, animations and activities. The children follow the BU Crew who help promote the importance of feeling respected, cared for and safe in all our different relationships.

Session 1: Relationships - exploring the different types of relationships that exist including boyfriends and girlfriends with a focus on how to make these equal.

Grooming - exploring what grooming is, how they can spot it and who to tell if you are worried about grooming either online or offline.

Session 2: Keeping Safe - As you become more independent, how can you and your friends stay safe? 

Online Safety - more details about keeping you and your friends safe online.

Session 3: Different kinds of families - understanding the language that is used to describe sexuality and gender and understand its meaning, considering the impact of homophobic bullying and what being gay means using age-appropriate resources for primary pupils.



You will be informed about the delivery and timetabling of the sex education as you do have the right to withdraw your child from this aspect of the lessons.


You do not have the right to withdraw from Health and Relationship Education. However, If you wish to discuss any of the content in more detail, please contact Ruth Elstone, Headteacher.