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Religion & World Studies

Summer Term 2022 - Islam



This term we will be learning all about Islam and what Muslims believe. Can you find 3 facts about Islam?

Spring Term 2022 - Own World Views and Religion Project 



During Spring 2022, we will be focussing on a PHSE unit.

For your World Views and Religion homework, we would like you to create your own project on an area of interest to you e.g. places of worship, Christianity, celebrations etc. 

Autumn Term 2021 - Places of Worship



Create a guide on a special place of worship e.g. Bolton Church. Can you visit the local places of worship? Make a note of what you see or take some photos to share in school. 

Spring Term 2021 - Rules and Routines 


We have been learning about rules and routines in school and at home. It is really important to have rules and routines in our lives. There are many religions in the world that follow different rules and routines. 


Can you choose one of the following religions and find out a little about their rules and routines and how it impacts on their lives? 

Religions to choose from: Christianity OR Islam 


Religion and World Studies - Gifts and Giving

Year 1 and 2 will be learning about the importance of giving gifts and why. They will be looking at why Christians celebrate Christmas and why Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr and making comparisons.

Some ideas for activities at home:

1. Retell the story of Christmas

2. Make a list of how Christians celebrate Christmas

3. Research what Muslims believe and make a book

4. Look at what Eid-al-Fitr is and why Muslims celebrate it