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World Views and Religion

World Views and Religion – key stage 2

The students in Y5/6 are learning about concepts of Freedom and Justice. Why not try some of the activities below:

1. Design a flag or logo to represent Freedom or Justice.

2. Make a fact-file about Nelson Mandela's life. 

3. Make a Black Lives Matter poster.

4. Prepare an assembly on the theme of Justice or Freedom. 


Y3/4 are learning about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian. Why not do some of the activities below:

1. Interview a Christian and find out about their beliefs.

2. Make an information leaflet for a person that knows nothing about Christianity.

3. Prepare an assembly / PowerPoint on Christian Festivals and share it with your friends. 

4. Read a Children's Bible. Find a story from the New Testament and a story from the Old Testament. Draw a scene from the story.