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Jan 2021 School Re-opening Information

Please find some information below about the reopening of Bolton School in the spring term 21.

There are steps outlined below that must be taken if someone displays COVID-19 symptoms and expectations for parents and children.

Information that has been sent about the reopening of Bolton School and COVID safety measures are available and have been updated (see below). 





What to do if you are self-isolating until your teacher contacts you 

If the school has plenty of notice (more than 24 hours) we can under some circumstances provide for your child’s education the next day. If we only receive notification the day before or on the same morning, then we recommend that you do the following (varying the suggested times depending on the age of the child) or until you hear from your child’s teacher:  

      • 30 mins reading and completing their log.
      • 30 mins handwriting and spelling example: copying out weekly spellings using LCSWC - LOOK, COVER, SPELL, WRITE, CHECK
      • Work on Homework grids (all ages) or SAT practice Y6
      • 30 mins on each – IXL and TT Rockstars (with screen breaks)
      • 30 mins on Lexia Language programme (with screen breaks) (You will need your class teacher’s email as well as your own login details).
      • 30 – 60 mins on Foundation Homework tasks (see website under Children Homework/ Things to do at Home)
      • 60 mins exercising

There's a knot Inside My Tummy


Please let your children watch the video a few times - click here. Encourage them to start singing along as they get familiar with the words of the song. Below there is an activity to do for each of the ‘pages’ in the video. Try to do a page on different days, not all at once. 

Steps taken if a child or adult in school starts to display COVID19 Symptoms

  1. Person showing symptoms will be taken into an available space, well-ventilated with door closed.
  2. If required, a person will accompany them keeping their distance wearing PPE.
  3. A phone call will be made to a family member to collect the patient.
  4. We will ask you to have your child tested for Covid-19 or the adult will be required to do so.
  5. All parents of all other children will be informed via text first and then if necessary we will contact you to collect your child if we are advised to do so.
  6.  We will inform you of a negative or positive result.
  7. If it is a negative result school will reconvene the following day after notice is given that this is safe to happen.
  8. If it is a positive result you will continue your self-isolation for 10 days.
  9. If you or a family member starts to show symptoms you should be tested whilst during self-isolation. Let us know if this happens and the outcome.
  10. Always contact us by phone or email not in person.
  11. We will inform you of the return to school date via email/ text as normal if there is a school or bubble closure.