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School Re-opening Information

Please find some information below about the reopening of Bolton School.

There is information on steps to take if someone displays COVID-19 symptoms and expectations for parents and children.

Any letters that have been sent specifically about the reopening of Bolton School are available below. 





There's a knot Inside My Tummy


Please let your children watch the video a few times - click here. Encourage them to start singing along as they get familiar with the words of the song. Below there is an activity to do for each of the ‘pages’ in the video. Try to do a page on different days, not all at once. 

Steps taken if a child or adult in school starts to display COVID19 Symptoms

  1. Person showing symptoms will be taken into an available space, well-ventilated with door closed.
  2. If required a person will accompany them keeping their distance wearing PPE.
  3. A phone call will be made to a family member to collect the patient.
  4. We will ask you to have your child tested for Covid-19 or the adult will be required to do so.
  5. All parents of all other children will be informed via text first and then if necessary a further phone call to collect your child within 30 minutes.
  6. All people will go into self-isolation and school will close.
  7.  We will inform you of a negative or positive result.
  8. If it is a negative result school will reconvene the following day after notice is given that this can happen.
  9. If it is a positive result you will continue your self-isolation for 14 days.
  10. If you or a family member starts to show symptoms you should be tested whilst during self-isolation. Let us know if this happens and the outcome.
  11. Always contact us by phone or email not in person.
  12. We will inform you of the return to school date via email/ text as normal after a school closure.


Bolton Covid19 Information for Parents  

  1. Keep informed by reading all the communications from school and co-operate with all requests. Read and sign the Covid-19 Home School Agreement with your child before they come back to school.
  2. Read the ‘Covid Behaviour Plan for Children’ so that I know what the expectations are of my child; remind and reinforce these rules.
  3. Send my child/ren with these items on day one: waterproof coat, sun hat, lunch box, water-bottle, sunscreen, pencil case, work-pack. Your child will have a personal box to store belongings in.  
  4. Avoid sending in extra items in from home after day 1.
  5. Do not send in my child if they are showing any of the covid symptoms:         

High temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)

A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

  1. Let us know as soon as possible if you are self-isolating as a family.
  2. Let us know if your child has any anxieties about school by phoning us.
  3. Avoid coming into school and communicate with us by phone or email. Give notice if you would like us to arrange a face-face meeting.
  4. Avoid staying around school at pick up and drop off times so that there is a clear access into school. Use the path and grass area at the front of school to wait for your child where you can spread out.
  5. Adhere to the arrival and pick up times.
  6. Remind them to come straight into school in a morning and not have a morning/ before school play – this is to help with staggering.
  7. Send them with a lunch that they can manage themselves as adults won’t be helping them in the usual ways with their lunch.
  8. Model and remind my child about good social distancing at school and when walking to and returning home.
  9. Encourage good respiratory hygiene – coughing and sneezing into a tissue or elbows, washing hands and putting tissues into lidded bins
  10. Be available in case we need to contact you urgently. Keep your mobile with you throughout the day. Check we have the correct number.
  11. If we do telephone you to collect your child make sure than they can be collected within 30 minutes – this may require having another adult on standby.
  12. Send children wearing clean uniform every day.
  13. Don’t share a car with another family/ child.
  14. Be thoughtful and considerate to others who may be feeling uncertain and worried about catching the virus when I am around school.
  15.  Carry on doing these things at home and weekends to keep everyone safe in school:
  1. Avoid people with the symptoms.
  2. Do the recommended actions when I cough and sneeze.
  3. Wash my hands regularly for the right amount of time.
  4. Follow social distancing rules where possible when I’ m not with members of my family.



Bolton Covid19  Behaviour Plan  for Children   

  1. It is my job to keep myself safe and follow these rules and to report anyone who is not being safe and putting others in danger.
  2. I will arrive at school at the right time and come in through the KS2 cloakroom doors. There will be no morning playtime, I will wash my hands for the recommended length of time then come straight to my workstation and set up.
  3. I will keep all my belongings at my workstation (including waterproof coat, hat, lunch, water-bottle, sunscreen). Some things I can put in my box under my table.
  4. I won’t bring extra items in from home after day 1.
  5. I will let anyone know if I feel poorly.
  6. I will let adults know if I’m feeling worried or anxious.
  7. I will wash my hands every time I enter the school and after every break for the recommended of time.
  8. I will keep my distance from any other person and if I pass by someone, I will not loiter/ dawdle.
  9. I will stay sitting at my workstation and put my hand up if I need anything. I won’t walk around the classroom. An adult will bring things to you, if required.
  10. I’ll try not to distract others at their workspaces and work hard on my learning plans.
  11. I will ask if I can use the running track, if I am feeling restless or need a break.
  12. I will wipe down my workstation and equipment before lunch and after lunch and at home time.
  13. I will wash my hands before I eat my lunch for the recommended length of time.
  14. When I eat my lunch, I’ll manage it myself and any rubbish / litter will stay in my lunchbox. I will wipe down after eating.
  15. When I’ve finished my lunch, I will stay at my workstation until I am told that I can go out.
  16. During outdoor sessions and breaks – I will only use the equipment that has been selected for that day.
  17. I will not enter the staffroom, office or another classroom without permission.
  18. I will come in after breaks in a staggered way and wash my hands but avoid going to the toilet then. I will ask to go to the toilet during lessons when there are no queues for the toilets and sinks.
  19. I won’t share my personal things.
  20. At break times, I will follow the two metres social distancing rule as much as possible.
  21. I will spread out in a socially distanced line after breaks.
  22. I will follow the one person in the cloakroom rule and not go in until I know it is empty.
  23. I will flush the toilet with the lid down and wash my hands afterwards.
  24. If I cough, I will cover my mouth and if I haven’t got a tissue, I will sneeze into my elbow. Then I will wash my hands.
  25. I will put paper towels or tissues into a lidded bin and close the lid.
  26. I can only use the outdoor tables for working or eating, if I have sunscreen and a hat. I will stay socially distanced at the outside tables. I will take turns, letting others also use popular outdoor spaces.
  27. If there is a fire or a fire drill, I will locate in the usual place in the playground, but I will leave a large space between me and the next person.
  28. At home time, I will leave at my correct time without dawdling and only taking my lunch box with me.
  29. I will socially distance when I see other families and parents before and after school.
  30. I won’t share a car with another family and I will socially distance on my way to school and home from school.
  31. Be thoughtful and considerate to others who may be feeling uncertain and worried about catching the virus.
  32.  I will carry on doing these things when I am not in school to keep everyone safe in my bubble:

Avoid people with the symptoms.

Do the recommended actions when I cough and sneeze.

Wash my hands regularly for the right amount of time.

Follow social distancing rules where possible when I’m not with members of my family.