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Writing at Bolton 

Subject Lead: Ruth Elstone (KS2) and Debbie Tinkler (KS1) 

Monitoring Governor: Lisa Wilson 



Children are encouraged to express themselves by writing in different contexts and for a variety of purposes and audiences. We will develop children’s creativity, imagination, vocabulary, spelling and handwriting through the teaching of writing. We will do this through modelling good practice, using good examples and setting writing targets to aid self-improvement. Although, children are developing their writing skills throughout the whole curriculum, we have a discreet weekly lesson that focuses on particular writing skills in different genres. Children use the marking code and are encouraged to use their purple-improving pens. All children will enjoy participating in 'Slow Write' and modelled up-levelling activities.  We give each child the opportunity to share their writing with others and discuss and assess their own writing and the work of others. Termly, the whole school takes part in ‘The Writing Challenge’ which is an opportunity for a ‘cold write’ on a theme or genre so that the teachers can analyse progress and this can inform future planning and areas to focus on. Handwriting is a skill that can only be improved by constant practice. We encourage parents to support by promoting writing for pleasure at home and their participation in our information workshops. We have regular handwriting practice sessions and use the Penpals Scheme. Please see the website – Messages for Parents from Penpals:

For more information on writing see the English at Bolton Document.