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Assemblies Programme at Bolton


The whole school gathers together in the school hall for an assembly which includes an act of worship.

An assembly can be a gathering without spiritual or religious content. At Bolton, assemblies will include some or all of the following: an opportunity to reflect on our aims and values; a chance to consider aspects of human life and the natural world; time to worship, pray or reflect and we aim to foster and explore sensitivity and respect to the beliefs of Christianity and other religions. 

We aim to ensure that children experience feelings such as “awe and wonder” during this time together - inspired by the world in which we live and that their curiosity is ignited.

We have a range of assembly themes - some linked to the World Views and Religion Curriculum and PHSE. See our programme below.

 On Fridays, children enjoy a Celebration Assembly where we focus on children that have been displaying our values of Caring, Excelling, Enjoying and Inspiring and this is a chance to share any other achievements that they have accomplished out of school. 


Throughout the week, children enter assemblies listening to different musical genres and they are given information about the artists and composers. This is to create the right ambiance for assembly and to mark it as a special time as well as to contribute to our music curriculum. 

We are also very proud that all our pupils have opportunities to prepare and deliver their own assemblies, either independently or in small groups on a theme of their choice e.g. Caring for your pet.


News and World Assemblies also are part of our rota, where teachers highlight local or current affairs and global themes or crises. 

Occasionally, visitors are invited for assembly such as PCSO Karen Dakin on Road Safety and we welcome and encourage people willing to promote our values in anyway in an assembly - Caring, Excelling, Inspiring, Enjoying.  

On Wednesdays, in their own class groups children do either P4C (Philosophy for Children), Class Council or half-termly a behaviour and attitude workshop (or similar). 


If you do not wish your child to take part in the daily collective worship, please contact the headteacher, Mrs Ruth Elstone.

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