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Science at Bolton

Subject Lead: Heather Lowthian 

Monitoring Governor: Andrew Booth


At Bolton, we are aiming to continuously improve the teaching and learning in this subject so that all children have a good quality first experience of science that fosters curiosity. All children will be encouraged to ask questions about their world and develop the skills they need to answer those questions. Children at Bolton should have a good understanding of what Science is, be able to investigate problems, learn how Science works and discover why Science matters in the world. The teaching of Science for your child will be based, as far as possible, on the immediate experience of their own environment. Where possible Science teaching and learning will link to a theme or topic and all pupils from Y1 upwards receive a minimum of two hours per week in this core subject. They should acquire the skills and attitude that enables them to observe carefully and systematically and find patterns in observations, to note similarities and differences, to make generalisations, to set up fair tests and devise simple experiments and to use tools for a planned purpose. 

Children from Y1 upwards are taught science by a science specialist teacher: Heather Lowthian.