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Personal Health Social Education

Year B Autumn Term - Very Important People



Identify and draw a picture of a time when you have been a good friend to someone. Write a description of what you think makes someone a good friend. 

Year B Spring Term - One World



Children think about special people in their lives. Draw a picture of them and write a sentence to explain why they are special. 

Children identify all the ways at home they can help protect and care for the world, they can draw and write their ideas. 


Year B Summer Term - Diverse Britain



We will be taking a look at our own country and what makes it great. What is your favourite thing about living in the UK? Design a poster to persuade people to come and visit the UK.

Year A Autumn Term - Relationships



Think about a special person to you that you have a positive relationship with, it could be a family member, or a friend or a teacher. Create a profile all about that person explaining why they have special to you. 

Year A Spring Term - Think Positive




My Gratitude Diary: Children consider something they are thankful for each day for a week in this task and log it in their diary, along with an illustration.

Year A Summer Term - Money Matters


We are going to be learning about how we need to look after our belongings including our money. It is really important that children develop a sense of responsibility. 


Activity 1: Children to draw on a special possession of theirs and draw an example of a way they keep it safe. 


Activity 2: Children can be given a small amount of a household budget to be in charge of on a shopping trip and a small list of things to buy with it. They need to find the items and pay for them, keeping track of what they spend, writing or drawing their own receipt.