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Design Technology

Summer Term - Cooking


We will be coming up with ideas for a healthy and balanced packed lunch. We will use cutting and spreading skills. Challenge yourself to try a brand new healthy food this term.

Spring Term 2022 - Own Design Technology Project



During Spring 2022, we will be focussing on an Art and Design unit. 
For your Design Technology homework, we would like you to create your own project on an area of interest to you that you can plan, make and evaluate e.g. making a car, preparing and making food, completing some woodwork, creating a textiles project. 

Autumn Term 2021 - Fabric Bunting



Create your own bunting representing you and your family.

Spring Term 2021 Design Technology - Moving Pictures 


For our Design and Technology this half term, you have been making a moving toy car. 

You have designed, made and evaluated a toy car and ensured that you car can move. 

Can you see if you can create a moving pictures using levers and sliders?

Can you make it for a well known traditional tale?


Design Technology - Crown Jewels

Year 1 and 2 children are designing and making a crown in Design Technology this half term linked to our Kings and Queens Topic in History.

Some ideas for activities at home:

1. Design, create and take a photo a banquet of food fit for a King or Queen

2. Design, create and evaluate a home for a King or Queen

3. Design, create and evaluate a thrown for a King or Queen