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SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


SENCO - Heather Lowthian (Sept 2020)

Monitoring Governor: Lisa Wilson (Since Sept 2020)


We believe that all our children are entitled to have equal access to all the experiences provided by our school, all our children are entitled to experience our broad and balanced curriculum, and all our children should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. To achieve this, a need for extra support may arise because of social, health, development or educational factors or because a child may be exceptionally gifted. Therefore we have developed the following aims:

  • We aim to identify children with Special Educational Needs as early as possible
  • We aim to plan, implement and monitor the provision of Special Educational Needs through a partnership with parents and staff and consultation with external agencies and governors.
  • We aim to fulfil Special Educational Needs in a caring, supportive atmosphere that promotes learning.

Our school is ideally suited to children with Special Educational Needs of whatever kind.

As a small school, we know all our children as individuals and this offers great benefits. Individual needs will be accommodated for as they arise.

Emotional Literacy Support


Two of our teaching assistants trained during the summer (2022) and are now Emotional Literacy Support Assistants. Which means that we can offer small group support on themes like managing emotions, relationships, self-esteem and confidence. We also offer lego-therapy as part of this work. We believe that addressing social and emotional needs are a key to school success and are keen to support the whole child.