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World Views and Religion

Autumn Term 2022 - Year 5/6 - Freedom and Justice


The students in Y5/6 are learning about concepts of Freedom and Justice. Why not try some of the activities below:

1. Design a flag or logo to represent Freedom or Justice.

2. Make a fact-file about Nelson Mandela's life. 

3. Make a Black Lives Matter poster.

4. Prepare an assembly on the theme of Justice or Freedom. 



Autumn Term 2022 - Y3/4 - Christianity and what it means to be a Christian


Why not do some of the activities below:

1. Interview a Christian and find out about their beliefs.

2. Make an information leaflet for a person that knows nothing about Christianity.

3. Prepare an assembly / PowerPoint on Christian Festivals and share it with your friends. 

4. Read a Children's Bible. Find a story from the New Testament and a story from the Old Testament. Draw a scene from the story.  


Spring Term 2021 - Y3 and 4 - Pilgrimage


Why not try to do some of these activities:

1. Design a Postcard for popular places of Pilgrimage e.g. Jerusalem. Think carefully about the 'photo/ image' that might fit on the postcard. You could then imagine that you are writing to friends or family back home and tell them how you are feeling now that you have reached your destination. 

2. Pretend that you are a pilgrim and keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings as you prepare and then embark on your pilgrimage/ special journey. 

Spring Term 2021 - Y5/6 - WORSHIP


Why not do some of these activities:

1. Create a piece of art that shows all the things that have 'worth' to you personally.

2. Make up your own prayer that focuses on anything that is important to you e.g. caring for nature, tolerance to others or feeling grateful, etc. Illustrate your prayer. 

3. Listen to some religious music from religions that you know about - record what the pieces are called and how they make you feel. 

4. Ask for permission to research religious art and try to find out why it was created and who the artist was. 

5. Ask for permission to watch some Liturgical dance ( scared dance in Christianity). How does it make you feel? Consider why people wish to choreograph and perform it. 

5. Make a poster about the importance of religious freedom or find out about a person that has fought for religious freedom or been denied it. 

Summer Term 2021 - Year 5/6 - Commitment

Y 5 and 6 will be thinking about 'commitment' in their final World Views and Religion Topic. 

To think about this further, you could do some of these activities.

1. Discuss with your family a 'new' commitment and ask an adult to help you monitor it. Maybe keep a record of your progress.

2. Write an acrostic poem using the words COMMITMENT to try to explain or give examples of what commitment actually means and how people show it.

3. Make a PowerPoint Presentation on Commitment and cover people that are committed to something worthwhile. (Make a great job and we can use it in an assembly). 




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Summer Term 2021 - Year 3/4 - Islam


They are going to meet Imran Kotwal and he will explain the five pillars of Islam. 

Here are some tasks that you could do at home to help you understand the topic deeper:

1. Create a leaflet to advertise Imran from the Muslim Learning Centre. 

2. Design a Muslim Prayer Mat (make sure that you research Muslim patterns and find out more about symbols and calligraphy).

3. Prepare and record a Muslim Islam Radio Show (what will you tell your listeners about?)

Remember to share with us at school.


Spring Term 2022 - KS2 - Own World Views and Religion Project



During Spring 2022, we will be focussing on a PHSE unit.

For your World Views and Religion homework, we would like you to create your own project on an area of interest to you e.g. pilgrimage, justice, holy books, festivals etc. 

Autumn Term 2021 - Year 3/4 - The Bible



Create a guide of the different types of books in the Bible. You could produce a poster, leaflet, 'How to' or video guide. Write a short Playscript of a parable from the Bible or make a cartoon strip to teach the story to other children. 


Autumn Term 2021 - Year 5/6 - Buddhism



Create your own Buddharupa. This can be a picture or a sculpture, made from any materials that you wish to use. Why not research the meaning of different poses and hand positions of Buddha prior to creating your Buddharupa, and choose one that you would like to depict. 

Create a piece of artwork to portray the Buddhist beliefs of karma and/or rebirth. 


Summer Term 2022


Year 3/4 - Food and Fasting


We will be discovering the importance of food and fasting in religion, finding out who does this practice and why. Create a menu for a feast fit for a wonderful celebration. 


Year 5/6 - Peace


We will be discovering what peace means to different religious groups. Create your own poster to encourage peace and love.