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Erasmus - Voices of the Earth Project 21 / 22/ 23

   We have been successful with our bid to join the Erasmus Project

Our International Schools Project Coordinator is Marilyn Tinker who has extensive experience running these projects. 

Our partner schools are in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. 

We are looking forward to finding out about their culture, localities and challenges.

All our Bolton students, along with the partner schools, will be learning about SDGs Sustainable Development Goals and thinking about the global issues that we all share.  

UK Erasmus 15th May - 19th May 

Bolton Primary School had their own Erasmus week. 

We had 33 visitors to our school from Turkey, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy. We had great fun and welcomed them our wonderful school. Class 1 did a performance of the Lost Crown (after the King's Coronation), Class 2 The Kapok Tree and Class 3 The Promise. We wanted to show them how much we care about our planet and the things that we do at school to help. 

On Tuesday, we set up activities such as planting, recycling and games that involved thinking about climate change and sustainability. We did some traditional Ceilidhi dancing on Friday at the village hall. They enjoyed playing croquet, boules and rounders. We made lots of new friends and it was good to share ideas. 

Visit to Barcelona, Spain 23rd - 29th April 

Two members of staff and four pupils went to a town near to Barcelona in Spain. 

They had an amazing time looking at architecture and they went to a marine centre that looks after sea animals. They focused on pollution in cities and how we can take better care of our oceans. 


Visit to Rhodes, Greece 26th March - 1st April 2023

Four Y5/6 students visited Rhodes with two members of staff to see our partner friends and learn about life in Greece and more about sustainability. A highlight was looking around the old town and spending time in the archaeological museum. 

Visit to Italy November 26th - 3rd December 2022

Four Y6 students visited a school in Italy in November 2022 with two members of staff. A highlight was an amazing visit to Pompeii.

See our Italy PowerPoints

Italy PowerPoint by Abigail, Theo, Melita and Junior

Visit to Bulgaria October 15th - 22nd October 2022 

Four of our Y6 pupils and two of our teachers are going to Bulgaria to take part in lots of activities on the theme of sustainability and looking after our planet.


See our Bulgaria PowerPoints 

Erasmus - Voices of the Earth Competition 

In April (21), we will be entering competitions with our partner schools. 


Design a logo, mascot, and poster that represents our project - Voices of the Earth.


You can create your ideas and then the best designs will be voted on from each of the partner schools.


The winner will have their design used for the duration of the project for the full two years.


Why not have a go at this exciting Erasmus challenge...






Our Six Nations Zoom 23-03-21

On Tuesday 23rd March 2021, we hosted a Six Nations Zoom to get to know our partner schools in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey because we were unable to hold a visit in the UK due to covid. We prepared a PowerPoint to let the children know all about us and we enjoyed getting to know about them. 


The Six Nations At Bolton Primary School 23 – 03 -21

The official launch of Bolton Primary School’s European Funded Erasmus Project ‘The Voices Of The Earth” began on Tuesday at 9:30am, with around 65 European children and their teachers from Rhodes, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain visiting the school, the village, the town and our country! 

The computer screens (and children) were buzzing, as everyone tuned into ‘Zoom to share a huge virtual assembly with our project partners to meet and say hello to each other and to learn about their schools, cultures and customs. Lasting for almost 90 minutes, children from each country in turn, shared their fabulous presentations, talking, singing and dancing and bringing their world right into our classrooms and homes.

Even though the schools in Italy, Bulgaria and Rhodes were closed due to their countries now being gripped by the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown, the children aged between 4 and 11 were still able to join with us from their own homes and speak to each other.

The launch, is the beginning of a two year Erasmus project where children from all six countries will work collaboratively to understand more about The Sustainable Development Goals and how they can contribute to a better sustainable world with a focus on the “5 Ps” that underpin The United nations Initiative. People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships

All partners were due to visit Bolton school in April, staying at a local Outward Bound centre with children form the school, focusing on Team Building in the natural environment and The cultures, traditions and customs of our country. This has had to be postponed for now, but hopefully will take place once it is safe to do so, meanwhile, Bolton School will be hosting a series of virtual activities, including orienteering, music, and crafts and more interactive Zoom meetings. They are also planning their second Whole School Erasmus Activity week, with lots of mini activities relating to recycling and green living.  All activities have been woven into the whole school curriculum, enhancing children’s’ experiences, widening their horizons and hopefully instilling a culture which will encourage us all to think about the future of our planet, the wellbeing and health of its’ people and animals and the resources we use.

Report by Marilyn Tinkler 

British Council Schools Project Ambassador 





Six Nations PowerPoint created by Class 3

More about Erasmus and The Sustainable Development Goals

Singing 'This is Our Earth Song' in our Six Nations Zoom Presentation

Still image for this video