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Autumn Term B - Year 3/4 - Riotous Royalty


Imagine that the crown jewels have been stolen and write a newspaper article describing this.


Autumn Term B - Year 5/6 - Stone Age to Iron Age



What would Bear Grylls do? Write an invitation for the famous survival expert. Explain the skills that he will need to survive in the Stone Age for the day.


Spring Term B - Year 3/4 - Romans



Research Roman mosaics, record five facts and then design and create your own mosaic pattern or picture. 


Spring Term B - Leisure & Entertainment


Find out what Motown is, who the Motown artists were and create a poster.



Summer Term B - World War 2 - Y3/4


This term we will be studying WWII and finding out what life was like during the war.

See if you can research one of the following topics and create a fact file:

1. What was school like during WWII?

2. What was rationing?

3. Which countries were involved?


Summer Term B - Year 5/6 - Maya Civilisation


This term we will be finding out about the ancient Maya Civilisation. Research, design and create your own Maya Mask. This could be a drawing of a mask or an actual mask you could wear!





Autumn Term A - Year 3/4 - Crime and Punishment



Y3/4 students will be finding out about Crime and Punishment through the ages so why not find out about when the first police officers were introduced; find out what they did to help with preventing crime and what they looked like.


Write a letter to Queen Victoria to end public executions and give good reasons for your argument.


Autumn Term A - Year 5/6 - Ancient Greece


Y5/6 students are finding out about life in Ancient Greece so why not find out about homes, food, fashion, leisure and employment? What was it like to be a ten-year-old living in Ancient Greece? 


Research and record the modern-day country of Greece.


Spring Term A - Year 3/4 - Anglo Saxons & Scots



Read or listen to the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf and draw a picture of what you think the Grendel looks like.


Spring Term A - Year 5/6 - Vikings & Anglo-Saxons



Create a Guide to Viking Gods.  This can be in the format of a poster, booklet or PowerPoint.

Summer Term A - Ancient Egypt - Y3/4


Research modern Egypt: find out key facts about how people live there now.


Summer Term A - Carlisle Castle - Y5/6



Research the history of Carlisle Castle. Create a book or PowerPoint or piece of art that can be shared with your class.