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Class 2

Class 2 




                                                                              Mrs Rankin -TA






We are class two and, in this class, we have three-year groups, which are year 2 year 3 and year 4. We all work hard to do our best and get house points, or if we go the extra mile, we get a raffle ticket. If we do something we shouldn’t do, we might get a warning! When Miss Jorysz wants to speak to us all she calls statues - we sit or stand still ready to listen. We have a class representative who takes our ideas to School Council.


Our Mornings



Reading in our class is fun, we have lots of books. We have books for boys and girls. We all do a reading group with our teacher and we are given some follow up work to do at home. Sometimes we read with our buddy, who might be in a different class.

 Most days we do some grammar. We have three groups: nouns, verbs and adjective. Sometimes we have to work independently but we always get help from our teacher. We always have spelling tests on a Friday. We have ten spelling words which we write in sentences.

We have been doing story writing. We have been reading The Snail and the Whale - it was very good. After we read it a number of times, we made a big poster on the wall. Everyone enjoyed it very much. We loved the rhyming.


When we do maths we work in three groups: Speedy Col, Super Fab and Super Super Fab.

In Speedy Col we do all sorts of stuff like number bonds to ten, times tables, fractions, adds, and shape. Sometimes we play ‘around the world’ and other games to help us learn. We get given a few sums and if we get them all right, we get a house point.

Super Fab are learning their three times table. Maths is great fun. To help with our three times table we use number towers, cards and quick recall. At the moment we are learning to tell the time including 24 hour clocks. On Friday we do clic, learn its and safe - these are our challenges.

Super Super Fab have been doing table grids. We also learn how to use jigsaw numbers to help us find missing numbers to 1000. We use our maths to solve problems. 


Year 2’s have been learning about floating and sinking in science. We used modelling clay and we shaped it and put it in water.  Everyone had fun and enjoyed it.

Year 3 and 4’s have been learning that water can be a solid, a liquid or a gas.  We have learnt how to use a thermometer. We all love doing science.


Our afternoons

Year two join with class one in the afternoons with Mrs Tinkler. In history we have been learning about Christopher Columbus. It is very interesting. We all think it’s amazing.  PE is on Fridays and Wednesdays. We play ball games and dance. We have been practising our winter performance. In our art lessons we made an ‘under the sea’ diorama. First, we designed it. Then we painted a background and thirdly we glued some tissue-paper on.  We hung cut outs of sea creatures in the box.  We do music with Miss Jorysz. Everybody listens to the song. Then we sing the song very nicely. We sometimes play the instruments. Year 2’s are learning to play the recorder.

In history the year 3 and 4 have been learning about Tudor galleons and Sir Francis Drake. We played a game that helped us to learn more about Tudor explorers.  In PE we do lots of fun sports like hockey, netball and circuits. On Friday Miss Jorysz teaches us, on Wednesday Mrs. Cousin teaches us. We are learning skills like throwing, running and jumping. PE keeps us fit and healthy. Every Wednesday we do music with Mrs. Tuffin, she’s teaching us to play the clarinet. It’s fun. Sometimes we sing and dance. The year 3 and 4’s did some art using water as our inspiration. We experimented with different ways to create water on paper. One way was to put washing up liquid with the paint and blow bubbles with a red straw. Everyone gave it a thumbs up!


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