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Uniform Information



We expect the children to be smartly dressed in our school uniform of sensible shoes, a polo shirt and/or school sweatshirt with our school logo on them. A reversible, waterproof jacket is also available. You will find further details from Sam Scott’s in Penrith, our clothing supplier. Sam Scott’s have an online shop with free delivery. The children should wear shoes that they can put on and take off themselves – separate sports shoes are required for P.E. However, mules, flip-flops, crocs and high heels are not appropriate for school wear, due to safety issues. In addition, each child needs a P.E. bag with shorts/ skort and t-shirt (a lime green top (also available from Sam Scott’s) and navy or black bottoms), plimsolls or trainers. In colder months, children will also need a sweatshirt and tracksuit top/ jogging bottoms for outdoor P.E. For KS2 Football and Tag-Rugby boots are required (which must have rounded studs, not “blades” and shin-pads (football only) which are also essential for those taking part in competitive matches with other schools. Long hair must be tied back and a hair tie or bobble should be provided from home. It is expected that the P.E. bag stays in school and goes home occasionally for washing. Please ensure that all items of school clothing and P.E. items are clearly marked with your child’s name. We encourage the embroidered naming of clothing from Sam Scott’s. Children are discouraged from wearing jewellery, except a watch. Children with pierced ears must remove the studs or cover with tape/plaster themselves which is provided by home.