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Autumn Term B - Year 3/4 - Water 



Water Use survey: Data collection activity. Keep a tally of water use activities in your household over one week. Create a table and use this information to consider where the most water is used and how you might cut down water consumption.


Autumn Term B - Year 5/6 - Raging Rivers



We will be learning all about the worlds rivers and their features. Can you research a local river and find out its features?


Spring Term B - Year 3/4 - Rainforests



 Design a rainforest creature, thinking about where it might live, its diet and whether it has any predators. 


Spring Term B - Year 5/6 - Amazing Americas



Creatures of North America: Research an animal indigenous to a region of North America and prepare a fact file about it. 


Summer Term B - Year 3/4 - Extreme Earth



We will be finding out about extreme weather and different climates. Write a fictional diary entry of someone experiencing extreme weather!


Summer Term B - Our Changing World - Y5/6



Google a photograph of your town or village as a stimulus.

Then sketch the place now to show how it has changed over time. 

Autumn Term A - Year 3/4 - Land Use 


Research how land is used in your local area. 


Autumn Term A - Marvellous Maps - Y5/6


Use Google Maps to find your house and chart your journey to school.


Spring Term A - The UK - Y3/4


Research the sign, symbol or flag of the four countries of the UK. Why has it been chosen? What does each part represent? 


Spring Term A - Magnificent Mountains - Y5/6



Create a fact file on the world's highest mountains. 


Summer Term A - All Around the World - Y3/4


Find out more about the links you and your family have with others around the world. Talk to adults at home to find out places they have visited on holiday or for work, places adults may have business links with, or friends living… the more obscure the link, the better.


Summer Term A - Exploring Eastern Europe - Y5/6


Research the history and design features of Fabergé Eggs.