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Personal Health & Social Education

Year B Autumn Term - Year 3/4 - Bullying



The Year 3/4 children have been learning about bullying and the different forms it can take. Design a stand-up to bullying leaflet or poster to inform people about the impact of bullying. 

Create a PowerPoint for an assembly on respect and why it is important to show it. 


Year B Autumn Term - Year 5/6 - Peer Pressure



Write a play script about Peer Pressure. Make sure that the characters show how you can avoid situations and protect yourself e.g. using a secret code or telling a white lie. 

Create a PowerPoint that you could use in a KS1 assembly about good secrets that you should keep and secrets that you should tell. Make sure that they fully understand how and why some secrets should be shared. 

Year B Spring Term - Year 3/4 - One World



Write about how you would change the world to make it a fairer place for all people. 

Complete some research on climate change - write some top tips for what can be done at home to reduce the harmful effects of global warming. 

Year B Spring Term - Year 5/6 - One World



Choose a habitat and research the biodiversity of it. Find out why it is important that the habitat they have chosen remains diverse and what can be done to protect it. 

Design a poster to encourage others to be good citizens. 

Year B Summer Term - KS2 - British Values



We will be learning all about what makes Britain great, and the different cultures that make us unique. We will also learn about British laws and Government. At home, write a persuasive letter to convince someone to visit the UK.

Year A Autumn Term - Year 3/4 - Teamwork



Y3/4 Students will be also learning about teamwork, being considerate and resolving conflicts after October half-term 2020.

Why not try some of these activities: 

* Make a poster to explain the top 5 'dos' of good teamwork.

* Think of characters from your reading and favourite stories who are very considerate and draw a scene that shows the character thinking of others and giving careful thoughts to their actions.

* Make a short film/ recording of an argument or fight being resolved by good communication and conflict resolution skills. Remember to plan it first and make sure your message is clear. 

Remember to share any of your work and ideas with us at school. 

Year A Autumn Term - Year 5/6 - Relationships



Y5/6 students will be learning about 'Relationships' after the October half-term 2020. They will be focusing on qualities of a good team, disagreeing respectfully, compromise and collaboration.

Why not try some of these activities: 

* Considering our House Groups (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow), think of three 'values' that YOUR team must have. Design a logo or poster to remind your team of their values. Share them with us at school. 

* Make up a short playscript for an assembly to teach your fellow-students about 'Disagreeing Respectfully.' Bring your script into school and direct your play in an assembly.  

* Write an acrostic poem - using the word COLLABORATION - to teach young people about the importance of working together. Remember to show us your wonderful work in school so that we can share it and celebrate your efforts. 

Year A Spring Term - Year 3/4 - Think Positive



Create a ‘Feeling Good’ leaflet for 7-9 year olds. Include lots of things that can help your mental health e.g. spending time with friends and family, exercise or sports clubs, new hobbies, enjoying music etc. Add illustrations and make your leaflet attractive. Can you explain in your leaflet why good mental health is important?


Year A Spring Term - Year 5/6 - Think Positive




Make a helpful thoughts PowerPoint that could be used in a KS2 assembly. Explain how good and positive thoughts can really impact on your feelings and behaviours e.g. A helpful thought to I’ve got to do tidy the hall after lunch today could be - I’m being helpful and I get to do it with my friend! 

Year A Summer Term - KS2 - Money Matters



Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 are doing a unit in the summer term about Economic Education.

They are finding out that 'Money Matters.'


Y5/6 tasks: Make a poster or a mini-playlet or script (such as a short commercial) to teach people about ethical spending. 

Design a board game around the theme of Financial Risk. (Think about Monopoly...)


Y3/4 tasks: Make a board game like snakes and ladders. Snakes for when you make poor spending choices like buying a drink in a single-use plastic bottle and ladders for great spending choices such as buying fair-trade. 

Do some research on your family's spending. Help to make some savings. Is there anything you don't need? Is there anything that isn't value for money? What examples of good spending does your family regularly do? Could you collect your information in a table or chart?